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Whether you’re looking for Marble, Porcelain or a Ceramic tile installation in the Bristol, Connecticut area, choosing the right tile contractor is the first step for the desired outcome. As a local tile company, McAree Masonry Contractors understand the needs of our clients. First, we’ll help you choose the type of floor or wall tile to best fit your tile installation. Then we’ll seamlessly install your new tile quickly and efficiently, all the while paying attention to detail and upholding the standard of quality you’ve come to expect from our 35 plus years as a tile installer. 

Common Areas in Your Home To Install Tile

Floor Tiles Leveling System
  • Bar Area-The bar area can be the perfect place to add luxury tile to your home.
  • Kitchen Backsplash-The kitchen backsplash is a common place to have tile.
  • Mudroom-One of the most overlooked spaces in your home is the mudroom. But having a tiled mudroom floor can make a difference in your home.
  • Bathroom-Tiled bathrooms are easy to clean, add value and look great. 
  • Shower Floor-No place in your home gets as wet as your shower floor. Tile offers a no slip, durable shower floor.
  • Kitchen Island-An often overlooked spot to add tile is on your kitchen island.
  • Fireplace-Modern fireplaces are often designed with tile as the finished wall.
  •  Entryway-When welcoming people into your home, there is not a more inviting way than with a tile entryway floor.

Tiles of Different Materials and Finishes

Male worker installing ceramic wall tile in house
  • Ceramic Tiles– premium quality water-resistant tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles- durable and frost resistant tiles
  • Glass Tiles– beautiful tiles that allow for natural lighting
  • Slate Tiles- fire resistant, sturdy tiles, will last many years in great condition.


Not sure which tiles will best suit your needs? Our tile installation Bristol, CT experts can help you decide what works best for you.



Marble or Stone tile adds an exquisite, classic look to any room in your home or office.Properly installed are incredibly durable, and will add value to your home. Marble or Stone tile flooring makes a statement like no other.



These tiles are one of the most durable and low maintenance floor or wall coverings you can install, porcelain and ceramics floors are a great candidate for modern, clean attractive looks.

We Install All Type Of Tiles


Schluter Systems Installers

Underfloor heating installation concept. Mat elecric heating sys

As the tile industry advances, the substrate under it must as well. At McAree Mason Contractors of Bristol, Connecticut, we have taken advantage of Schluter Systems to provide the latest technologies to our customers.


We are proud that we are experienced in their Schluter Kerdi and Ditra Tile Systems products.


It is also good to mention that Schluter provides reliable ceramic and stone tile installation systems that not only solve problems but benefit your creativity.


We install and offer a complete system for tiled showers.

  • Schluter systems heated floor
  • Schluter systems ditra
  • Schluter shower systems
  • Schluter shower pan
  • Kerdi shower pan

Bathroom Tile Installation Contractor

Bathroom with patterned tiles

Tile and grout joints are not completely waterproof. It must be installed with a waterproofing system that effectively manages moisture and prevents algae or mold growth. McAree Mason Contractors has been installing tile since 1985, we are the professional bathroom tile installers in the Bristol-West Hartford, Connecticut area.

  • Bathroom floor tiles installation
  • Bathroom wall tiles installation
  • Bathroom shower tiles installation
  • Bathroom tile niches installation

Kitchen Tile Installer

A man working in a new kitchen, a tiler applying tiles to the wall behind the cooker.

Tile in a home’s kitchen really makes the space easy to clean and adds a luxury look to the room. At McAree Mason Contractors, we install all types of kitchen tile. From subway tile for your backsplash to large format tile on the kitchen floor. 


  • Kitchen tile floors installation
  • Kitchen tile backsplash installation
  • Kitchen wall tile installation
  • Kitchen island tile installation

Specialty Tile Installation Company

There are many places and uses for tile in your home, for those special tile installations look no further than McAree Masonry Contractors, the tile installation experts in the Bristol, Connecticut area.


  • Shower Pans, Floors and Wet Beds
  • Tile Benches in Showers
  • Tile Wall Niches
  • Tile Shower Curbs
  • Tile Ramps
  • Handmade Tile 

Tile Contractor West Hartford, Connecticut and Surrounding Areas

Construction work installing ceramic tile on reconstruction of bathroom during or renovation