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McAree Mason Contractors are members to Preservation Connecticut.  Their mission is to preserve, protect, and promote Connecticut communities.  At McAree Mason, we have a greater knowledge of historic masonry material properties, wall systems, condition assessments, and best practices for historic masonry repairs, restorations, and design.


Historic masonry buildings have issues that architects, engineers, historic conservators, contractors, and the building owners are often challenged with.. We are here to help with your masonry contractor needs..

Historic Masonry Materials

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Historic masonry materials generally refer to brick, terra cotta, stone, concrete/cinder block, cast stone, and secondarily, mortar. In a typical masonry wall assembly, mortar might comprise 20 to 25 percent of the masonry wall system. At McAree Mason Contractor, we understand historic masonry materials and mortar types. Working with us ensures you have a mason company that has experience in historic preservations. 

Historic Masonry Walls

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Exterior masonry wall systems have evolved through centuries of experimentation and by the rapidly changing construction industry. Historic systems primarily fall within the following categories: 

  • Mass masonry wall systems
  • Transitional masonry walls
  • Curtain/ barrier walls
  • And masonry cavity wall systems 


Additional elements that are integrated with these masonry wall systems include: 

  • Metal ties, 
  • Iron and steel anchors, 
  • Steel lintels, 
  • Steel structural elements, 
  • Flashings, 
  • And Sealants. 


Each wall system has different elements that contribute to how the wall moves, manages water, and holistically functions with the various types of masonry materials. At McAree we have expert knowledge of these historic masonry wall systems.

Our Historic Masonry Services Include

Stone masonry preservation contractor in Connecticut
  • Common Masonry Deterioration Repairs 

  • Lime Mortar Tuck Pointing

  • Water Infiltration, Masonry Flashing

  • Temporary Stabilization

  • Historic Masonry System Repairs & Restorations

  • Preservation Masonry

  • Masonry and Mortar Material Repairs

  • And Many More.

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