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McAree Mason Contractors is a leading glass block window installer and repair company in Connecticut. Glass masonry units are making a comeback in recent years. From glass block basement windows to interior and exterior glass block walls. McAree Mason Contractors is your glass block contractor in Bristol, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Glass Blocks Usage

Colorful glass blocks
Glass Block Design

Glass blocks are always used in a non bearing capacity. But they make a strong wall or window. There are several uses for glass blocks including basement windows which are quite common to accent walls in homes to security features on public buildings and businesses. 

Glass Block Benefits

  • Energy Cost Savings

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Curb Appeal

  • Security and Privacy

Glass bricks are sealed with mortar, eliminating the risk of air leaks. Helping heat control, also keeps the noise level down. Being a stationary window or wall, don’t have the maintenance issues other types of windows have. 

When used as a design feature, glass blocks can add appeal to your home inside and out. From a glass brick window or wall in a shower to basement windows for the living area, glass blocks have many design qualities. 

Sizes and Types of Glass Blocks

Blue and white tiled facade with glass blocks
Commercial Glass Blocks Masonry Contractor

There are many types and sizes of glass blocks for you to keep your glass block design ideas open. 


Common Glass Block Sizes:

  • 8”x8”x3-4” thick

  • 6”x6”x3-4” thick

  • 4”x8”x3-4” thick


Specialty sizes can also be purchased, so designing can match your many ideas. Glass blocks give a modern look to your home. Glass blocking lets in the light while obscuring what you wish to conceal from the outside and inside. Giving privacy from those outside inside and blocking unwanted views from the inside.


Glass blocks come in a variety of glass textures. Some popular types are:

  • Wavy
  • Clear
  • Frosted
  • Ice
  • Artic
  • And Come in Colors 


Blue, yellow, red, green and smoke are popular colors, if you want to add some colored light. For privacy, ribbed, wavy and frosted work well.

Common Glass Block Projects

Bathroom with marble walls
Shower Wall With Glass Blocks

Typically, one thinks of corporate type windows or basement windows for glass masonry units. But, there are a few more uses that are becoming popular. 


Glass Block Shower Walls

Glass block showers can be designed to work in just about any shower size– even in a walk in designs. They add light into otherwise dark showers. If you have a wall without any plumbing in it, a block wall can add a modern touch to your shower. They can go perfect with tile shower walls. 


Interior Glass Block Walls

WIth today’s open design concept, glass block walls keep that open feeling while adding a sense of seclusion to certain spaces in your home’s design. A short colored glass wall can add atmosphere to a home theater, man cave or wet bar section of your home.


Security Windows with Glass Block

You often see privacy type glass blocks on public buildings, subways and other retail type businesses. These types of windows are great when your building needs a more secure way to let in light. Being much harder to enter than a standard glass window. 

Clear glass block window
Clear glass block window
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