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McAree Mason Contractor has been dedicated to the perfection of our craft with block foundation masonry for over 30 years. Serving homeowners, contractors, and businesses alike across the greater Hartford, Connecticut Region, our team can build, install, maintain, and repair block foundations, with the high quality precision and craftsmanship you would expect from a leader in the masonry industry. 

Concrete Block Foundations

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We all know the importance of a foundation to a building. At McAree Mason Contractor, we do footings and foundations for new buildings and extensions or additions of old buildings, for both private homes and businesses of every size.

We use CMU blocks for foundations. In every project we’re a part of, we ensure your existing concrete block foundations are matched to the new ones. Our foundations and footing services also include repairs and waterproofing that help maintain the integrity of your foundation and the entire building.

Footings & Foundations

Under construction foundation new home with cement basement foundation

It is important to know that there is a difference between the foundation and footing of a building. Our services include both.

Soil structure also matters significantly in deciding the footing or foundation that will be installed. Different soils have different load capacities requiring different footing dimensions, so it’s always important to trust the experts at McAree Masonry when dealing with safe footings and foundations.

Concrete Block and Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Contractor in Connecticut, McAree Masonry

Many block foundations need repairs after decades of service to the elements here in Connecticut. McAree Masonry is your block foundation repair expert. From homes to commercial buildings we can make the needed masonry repairs to match the look and last many decades from now. 

From cracks in block foundation walls to foundation settling issues, we can restore your block foundation or structure to a new condition. Contact us for all your concrete block mason repair projects, you will be more than pleased with our craftsmanship.

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