Brick Masonry Services Greenwich, Connecticut

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McAree Mason Contractor has been dedicated to the perfection of our craft with brick masonry in Greenwich for over 30 years. Serving homeowners, contractors, and businesses alike in Greenwich, Connecticut. Our team can build, install, maintain, and repair brickwork, with the high quality precision and craftsmanship you would expect from a leader in the masonry industry. 

Brick Walls & Brick Veneers in Greenwich, CT

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It’s no secret that quality brick work enhances durability and elegance for any home or business in Greenwich, Connecticut. Moreover, bricks will not only add value to your property but it will also extend the structural lifespan.

That is why our masonry contracting services offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our brick veneer installation, replacement, and repair work. The brick we use include some of the industry’s finest in building materials, including refurbished brick, modular and oversized brick, building brick, thinset brick and more.

Benefits of Brick Construction in Greenwich, CT

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When in the hands of a certified brick masonry expert like McAree Mason Contractors, brick and brick veneer have many applications. It can be installed on frames made of wood and metal as well as being used over a concrete or block surface. Proper installation makes a tremendous difference in the lifespan and performance of the materials.

Compared to other installation options, brick veneer is highly affordable and easy to install on whatever surface you desire. If you are looking to install outdoor kitchens to your property, a brick veneer is a great material choice for this addition because of the benefits. Brick veneer also reduces air and water infiltration while providing better weather resistance than other materials. Quality masonry and brick veneer work from McAree Mason Contractors is an investment that will last a lifetime and you will never regret.

Brick Repair & Repointing in Greenwich, Connecticut

Masonry Repairs and Restoration

Many brick structures need repairs after decades or centuries of service to the elements in Greenwich, Connecticut. McAree Masonry is your brick repair expert. From historical buildings to chimneys repairs on your home we can make the needed masonry repairs to match the look and last many decades from now. 

From cracks in brick walls to repointing and tuck pointing brick work, we can restore your brick wall or structure to a new condition. Contact us for all your brick mason repairs and repointing projects, you will be more than pleased with our craftsmanship.

Brick Masonry Contractor Greenwich, Connecticut and Surrounding Areas

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